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First, how even are the temperatures in your home?

A graphic of a house with no temperature. A graphic of a house with a very uneven temperature. A graphic of a house with a somewhat even temperature. A graphic of a house with a perfectly even temperature.

Got it. Now, which fuel do you use to heat your home?

Next, what type of air conditioner do you have?

Finally, let’s get your climate zone.

Every region is different! Enter your address to get a precise energy calculation for your home.

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Here's an estimate of your home's yearly energy use. Lots of that energy goes to heating and cooling... ...and about of your heating and cooling energy is wasted.

Total energy use
Waste opportunity

Let's start at the top.

If your attic isn't properly insulated, it's definitely wasting energy.

Does your home have an attic?

Okay, let's make sure it's completely insulated.

A fully-insulated attic keeps outside air from getting inside.

You've increased your home's efficiency by .

A great start! Now, let's try air sealing.

No attic? Your efficiency increases !

No rooftop energy waste here! Let’s move on.

Your home is full of tiny holes.

Air leaks waste your heating and cooling energy. How? Let's take a look at the Stack Effect.

How the Stack Effect wastes energy.

A home in the summer losing cool air. Cool air leaks out the bottom Hot air is pulled in at the top
A home in the winter losing warm air. Warm air leaks out the top Cold air is pulled in at the bottom

Stop the energy waste cycle by air sealing.

It's time to seal the leaks around your windows, doors, attic and foundation.

Nice! Air sealing increased your efficiency by .

You're almost finished. Ready for one last upgrade?

Meet the heat pump, a major life upgrade.

Heater, air conditioner, air filter, and dehumidifier—all in one.

Up to 3x more efficient than conventional HVAC.

Heat pumps offer dependable comfort in every climate. For way less energy.

You just increased your efficiency by an incredible !

Let’s put it all together.


Your home just got an energy makeover.

You’ve applied all the upgrades. It’s time for your final report.

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Home Energy Report

Home Energy Report

Energy Efficiency Improvement

These upgrades cut your heating and cooling energy use by 0%!

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Your upgrades also reduced your heating and cooling emissions by 0%. Well done!

Air Sealing
Heat Pump

Your local energy mix

Nuclear Renewable Fossil

Here are the 3 primary fuel sources that power your home in .

Your comfort meter

These upgrades are a game-changer for comfort. From frustratingly uneven temperatures to a home that feels incredible in every room—365 days per year.

Calculation method

Energy use calculations are based on the Residential Energy Consumption Survey (RECs) and the American Housing Survey.

We use your inputs to model a representative (virtual) home, factoring in tens of thousands of data points across multiple databases.

The output of that model is fed into a proprietary physics-based savings prediction engine which allows us to calculate the savings profile for your specific home at a high level of confidence.

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