Guide to buying new windows

Make the upgrade without all your money flying out the…well, you know.

Make the upgrade without all your money flying out the…well, you know.

Every day, windows help make our homes more liveable, beautiful, and comfortable. Without them, we’d literally be in the dark. 

Replacing your home’s windows can be a big decision. New windows change the way your home looks and feels. And they can make a pretty big dent in your wallet, too. Window upgrades can often exceed $10,000 for an average-sized home.

In this article, we’ll look at the main reasons to consider replacing your windows, along with some of the key factors to consider along the way.

I need new windows because… my old windows are broken

In our opinion, this is the best reason to get new windows. 

Broken windows can be hazardous to both your safety and comfort. If you can afford it, we suggest getting new windows that come with a lifetime warranty. This is a big investment, and you should have the confidence of knowing that these are the last windows you’ll ever have to buy. 

I need new windows because… my windows are ugly

Who are we to tell you how your home should look? If money is not a concern, by all means, go ahead and get windows you love. 

Some high-end brands now make window frames out of composite materials that have the same appearance of wood. So you get the performance and durability of synthetic window frames, combined with a classic look. 

I need new windows because… I want to save energy

This is where it gets trickier. New windows can definitely reduce your home’s energy use. But there are other ways of saving energy without spending so much money. 

Insulation is a highly cost-effective way of regulating your home’s temperature. And air sealing, another cost-effective solution, can keep your house cooler in summer and reduce drafts in winter. It can also improve your home’s overall air quality, reduce humidity, and cut back on the amount of energy consumed by your heating and cooling equipment.

On average, both insulation and air sealing will do more for your home’s energy efficiency than even the most technologically advanced, triple-glazed, state-of-the art windows. And they’ll do it for a fraction of the cost.

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April 1, 2020