Keeping your house warm when the temperature drops

It’s winter. That doesn’t mean you have to be cold.

It’s winter. That doesn’t mean you have to be cold.

What’s your trick for keeping warm at home during winter?

Maybe it’s wearing a sweater inside the house, or a thick pair of socks. Or maybe it’s just a matter of turning the thermostat up as high as it’ll go. 

No knock on sweaters and socks, but there are definitely better ways of keeping warm. Here are a few do’s and don’ts when things get frosty.

Do: Insulate your house

Adding insulation is like wrapping a warm blanket around your house. It helps regulate airflow inside and prevents heat from escaping. 

Where to insulate? You might think your walls need insulation, but other areas of the house may need it first. Attics, garages, and crawl spaces are often uninsulated, and can let in a lot of cold air from the outside.

Don’t: Skip the air sealing

Air sealing and insulation work best when they work together. Insulation stops heat loss, and air sealing prevents unwanted air from getting inside. It’s like putting a windbreaker over that big warm blanket. 

It’s a combination that can stand up to even the worst winters. And with our Comfort Plan, we can get your house sealed and insulated in just a few days.

Do: Get a smart thermostat

A smart thermostat learns your preferences and you can control it from anywhere using your smartphone. That means you can warm up the house before you get home, or keep things cooler when everyone’s out for the day. 

Sealed includes a smart thermostat upgrade with both our Comfort and Climate Control plans.

Don’t: Just crank your old thermostat to 100 degrees

Just like buying a bigger furnace won’t help, neither will blasting the heat. You’ll just use more energy, which means higher bills. Plus, if you have a steam-based heating system, you also might wind up releasing more moisture into the house, which can create mold.

Do: Hire a home performance contractor

Your house is like a living system. All of its parts work together. Certified home performance contractors, like those we work with at Sealed, can help you see how your house is performing overall and identify the trouble areas that are keeping you and your family uncomfortable.

Don’t: Think getting new windows will solve everything

New windows definitely have their benefits, but they’re expensive and they won’t come close to solving drafty windows or addressing a lot of the other problems that make houses cold. Plus, if you live in an older home with old glass windows, keeping the original windows might help your house maintain its classic charm.

Do: Cuddle up around the fire

There’s nothing better than gathering around the fire with loved ones on a cold winter night. Sealed is definitely a pro-fireplace company. That being said…

Don’t: Expect your fireplace to heat the house

Fireplaces actually make other parts of your house colder. So your family room might feel great, but your bedroom will be an ice box later at night. 

Better air sealing and insulation can help with this though. If it’s harder for cold air to get inside, your fireplace won’t have as much cold air to inhale.

February 3, 2020