Sealed expands to Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey Sealed expands clean heating and cooling concierge service to Philadelphia metro area

New program covers 100% of upfront costs for home energy upgrades that improve year-round comfort while reducing dependency on fossil fuels

New program covers 100% of upfront costs for home energy upgrades that improve year-round comfort while reducing dependency on fossil fuels

New York, New York (November 2021) – Sealed, an industry leader in modernizing home heating and cooling solutions to make homes healthier, more comfortable and cleaner for the environment, has expanded to Southern New Jersey and the Philadelphia metro area to help more homeowners across the Northeast stay warm this winter while reducing home energy emissions and dependency on fossil fuels. With the new expansion, Sealed is now available throughout the entire Tri-state area.

Available across New York, New Jersey, and the Philadelphia Metropolitan area, Sealed provides a concierge-style service that makes home efficiency and comfort upgrades easy. The home climate tech leader works directly with homeowners to pinpoint the most effective upgrades to reduce energy use and make homes noticeably more comfortable. Improvements including insulation, heat pump HVAC and smart thermostats balance temperatures, reduce drafts, and improve air quality — while making the home up to 3 times more energy efficient. Sealed, matches homeowners to certified contractors,coordinates the entirety of the project, and covers the upfront costs. Once the work is complete, Sealed only gets paid if a home saves energy.

“Almost 80% of homes in the Northeast were built 30 or more years ago before home energy standards became prevalent. Most houses in the region not only contribute significant carbon emissions but are also very uncomfortable during harsh winters and summers,” said Lauren Salz, co-founder and CEO of Sealed. “Sealed makes it easy for homeowners to adopt important home energy upgrades that improve their overall comfort and reduce their carbon footprints. At the same time, we are helping states curb emissions to meet their ambitious climate goals.”

Homeowners across Southern New Jersey and the Philadelphia metro area can now choose from either or both of two easy-to-use plans: the Comfort Plan and the Climate Control Plan. With the Comfort Plan, Sealed works with homeowners to install insulation, air sealing, LED lights, and smart thermostat technology to make the home comfortable for all seasons. With the Climate Control Plan, Sealed modernizes homes with updated heating and cooling, such as electrified heat pumps to improve air circulation and transition the home away from fossil fuels.

Southern New Jersey

Sealed is now available in Burlington, Camden, Gloucester, Ocean and Monmouth counties. The expansion complements New Jersey’s climate initiative as the state government recently finalized its first Climate Change Resiliency Strategy, which emphasizes that 90% of buildings must be electrified by 2050 in order to meet the state’s overall climate goals. Sealed empowers homeowners within this region to affordably replace fossil-fuel burning HVAC systems with more efficient, electric heat pump technology.

Philadelphia Metro Area

Sealed is now servicing Philadelphia, Chester, Montgomery, Bucks, and Delaware counties. With its entrance into the Philadelphia metro area, Sealed is continuing to focus its nationwide expansion strategy on markets where older homes and extreme weather patterns are more prevalent.

“We are expanding into markets where we see the most opportunity to make an immediate impact,” said Andy Frank, co-founder and president, Sealed. “The Greater Philadelphia area is unique in that it experiences heat waves every summer and cold snaps every winter. With more than two million homes built before the year 2000, this region is ready for modernized heating and cooling at scale.”

As with New Jersey, Sealed’s expansion will support local climate initiatives by enabling homeowners to electrify home heating and cooling and make their homes more energy efficient. Last month, the Pennsylvania state government issued a climate action plan containing 18 recommendations to help achieve the state’s goals of reducing carbon emissions 26% by 2025, and 80% by 2050. Among the recommendations are updated building codes that focus on energy efficiency for commercial, residential, and industrial buildings.

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About Sealed

Sealed is on a mission to make homes healthy, comfortable, and clean for the planet. The company is transforming energy, finance and home improvement to deliver clean air and comfort with less energy. Sealed modernizes home heating and cooling with upgrades like insulation and HVAC technology. Sealed matches the right contractor, covers the upfront costs, and stands behind the work: Sealed only gets paid if your house saves energy. Sealed is based in New York City. Learn more at

November 12, 2021