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Our home is now noticeably warmer and more comfortable and our house is clearly better insulated.

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What to expect from the call

Your introductory call is the first step toward designing the right plan for your home. We will:

  • Talk about why you’re considering upgrades like insulation and HVAC
  • Evaluate how your home might be losing energy
  • Discuss the structure and design of your home so we can design your custom upgrade plan

This is a free consultation call and there’s no pressure to take the conversation further.

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Build a plan from the safety and comfort of home

Using the information you provide, publically available property records and street view, and the data we’ve gathered from building plans for thousands of other homes, we’re able to predict with a high degree of accuracy the upgrades your home will need—all without ever making an in-person visit.

Our process

In just a few steps, mostly over the phone, you’ll be able to upgrade your home’s HVAC, insulation, and air sealing. Here’s how it works:

Talk to Sealed

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Solution review

We’ll review and revise your custom plan.


Our contractor will visit to make sure your plan is right.


Installs typically take a day or two.

Get comfortable

Enjoy your more comfortable, efficient home.

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Your house pays for the work

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Sealed finds wasted energy spending

Sealed covers the cost of your upgrades

Energy savings pay back Sealed

How is Sealed able to cover the upfront costs of the work? We find wasted energy spending, and turn it into value for your home.

During the call, you’ll learn more about the program. But in a nutshell here’s how the Sealed payment program works:

  • Sealed covers the upfront costs of materials, hardware, and installation
  • After the work is done, we track your home’s energy use
  • If you use less energy than before, those savings are used to repay the costs of work. And if you don't save energy, we don't get paid.
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