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Meet the Greens, and their comfy Cape Cod

With the expertise of Sealed’s “crew in blue”, New Jersey residents Brad and Kristy Green have turned their beloved home into a cozy haven, fit for a family.


Egg Harbor Township, NJ

House Style

Cape Cod

Year Built


Brad and Kristy Green fell in love with their beautiful Cape Cod home the moment they laid eyes on it. “When we bought this house, we looked at each other and said that we’re not going to move again, we wanted to raise our family here,” recalls Brad.

When we bought this house, we looked at each other and said that we're not going to move again

Brad G.

However, their dream home, built in 1971, presented its own unique set of challenges. The couple noticed that their home was particularly drafty, especially during colder months. “You could feel the cold air coming up through the hardwood floors,” says Brad. Their existing insulation proved inadequate, with the contractor rating it a mere one out of ten. Upon encountering these issues, the Greens had one solution in mind – Sealed.

Today's the day that Sealed is coming. I'm so excited to see what the difference is going to be.

Kristy G.

The scope of work was extensive, but Sealed’s skilled professionals were up to the task. The upgrade plan primarily included insulating the crawl space and attics. In the main attic, they installed over 800 sq. ft. of insulation , with an additional 150 sq. ft. in the back left lower attic, and took measures to insulate and seal the perimeter top plates of the back right knee wall attic.

Particular attention was paid to a 20 ft long supply duct running over the front porch, where all accessible seams were foam sealed, and loose fill insulation was blown under and over. The back of the main upper attic hatch was fitted with 4″ Poly-iso for extra insulation.

Finally, in the main upper attic, the bath fan was vented to the gable wall, allowing the efficient expulsion of moisture and helping to maintain a dry, comfortable environment.

It's been 3 weeks since we had the work done with Sealed and we've immediately noticed the difference.

Brad G.

The impact was felt right away. “It’s been 3 weeks since we had the work done with Sealed and we’ve immediately noticed the difference,” shares Brad. The once continuous running furnace is no longer working overtime, and the chilly hardwood floors that required shoes are now warm and comfortable in socks.

Brad fondly adds, “We’ve definitely made a really great investment in the house going with Sealed.”

This testament to Sealed’s success highlights how classic homes can be transformed into comfortable, energy-efficient spaces for modern families, preserving their charm and character for generations to come.