Get more for your money: DC energy efficiency rebates

You can increase your home’s energy efficiency—all while saving on upgrades with local rebates.

You can increase your home’s energy efficiency—all while saving on upgrades with local rebates.

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If you’re looking for a guide to DC area home energy rebates, well, you’ve stumbled across the perfect corner of the internet.

If you’re a homeowner in Washington, D.C., you’ll be pleased to know that you can increase your home’s energy efficiency in a few different ways—all while saving some money with local rebates, too.  

Key points in this article:

  • Taking advantage of DC energy efficiency rebates can help you make important upgrades to your house that increase your overall energy conservation, health, and comfort year round. 
  • In our experience, we’ve seen improvements like whole-home weatherization, insulation upgrades, professional air sealing, and heat pump systems (when optimized together) cut your home’s energy waste up to 50%. 
  • If your house is eligible, you could get powerful home comfort and efficiency improvements at $0 upfront cost, along with DC energy rebates you’re eligible for. Tap here to see if your house qualifies.
  • Are you a Virginia resident who doesn’t live in the DC area? Take a look at our Virginia home energy rebates guide instead.
  • This guide will cover local Washington, D.C. efficiency rebates specifically. However, new federal tax credits and rebates are available, too. Check out our Homeowner guide to the Inflation Reduction Act home energy incentives to learn more.

Table of contents:

Whether you’re looking to get your energy use under control or reduce your carbon footprint, DC energy rebates can help you achieve your goals.

So let’s get started! 

Washington, D.C. average energy prices—and how rebates can help

At Sealed, we believe you should have access to all the information you need to make the best energy efficiency upgrade decisions for your home.

With electricity costs around $0.15 per kilowatt hour as of January 2023, DC homeowners have the opportunity to go all-electric and enjoy lower energy costs compared to the national average (1).

Read why is my energy bill so high to learn more.

However, if your house relies on natural gas for heating, cooking, or hot water, you’re looking at $1.83 per therm of natural gas used—on top of your electricity costs—which is slightly more expensive than the national average (2).

This means DC residents are in a prime spot to completely electrify their homes… and can use DC energy rebates to do so.

DC residents are in a prime spot to completely electrify their homes.

But reducing energy waste through home upgrades isn’t just important for lower consumption or the pride of having a lower utility bill—it’s also sort of our duty to our communities and our planet.

The best way to lower your home’s usage? Upgrading to energy efficient appliances, high-performance insulation, and heat pump HVAC systems. 

By doing so, you’ll use less energy, reduce your carbon footprint, and reinvest that money you were spending on energy waste into one of your biggest financial assets: your home.

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DCSEU rebates: District of Columbia Sustainable Energy Utility 

If you’re a DCSEU customer, the District of Columbia Sustainable Energy Utility (DCSEU) offers multiple rebates to District residents to install energy efficient HVAC and appliances in their homes. 

The project must be completed by a DC-licensed HVAC contractor and equipment must meet certain efficiency requirements. 

The good news? This rebate is not based on a specific utility—so all DC homeowners can participate!

brand-new heat pump condenser outdoor unit against the side of home exterior in flowerbed

Here’s an overview of the rebates available, but a few notable rebates are covered more in detail below:

  • Air-source heat pumps
  • Ductless mini-split heat pumps
  • Smart thermostats
  • Heat pump water heaters
  • Clothes washers and dryers
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Refrigerators

You could cut up to 50% of your energy use when getting high-performance insulation, professional air sealing, and heat pump HVAC upgrades with Sealed. Learn how.

District of Columbia Sustainable Energy Utility heat pump rebates

DCSEU heat pump rebates are available to DC residents for air-source heat pumps, ductless mini-split heat pumps, and heat pump water heaters. Incentives are as high as $700 and are based on the efficiency of the equipment.

Are you a big heat pump fan? Us too. We’re all-in on heat pumps. And if you qualify to work with us, you can get one for $0 upfront.

And you can use your DCSEU rebates when you work with us, too. Plus, you may be eligible for additional federal incentives in addition to local ones. (Sealed experts can help you understand what federal and local incentives may apply to your home upgrades.)

So we’ll say it again—just in case you’re reading too fast: 

You can get a heat pump professionally installed (and use your DCSEU rebate and possible new federal incentives, too) with zero upfront cost. Tap here to see if you qualify.

Sealed’s installer was very knowledgeable and their price was competitive… I’m glad that the work is now done and I can enjoy a more energy efficient and comfortable house!

Blaise B., Sealed customer

District of Columbia Sustainable Energy Utility dehumidifier rebates

The DCSEU also offers a rebate for ENERGY STAR certified dehumidifiers

These can be a lifesaver on a hot Virginia summer day. 

By the way, if you do have excess humidity in your house and you’re concerned about resolving it (I mean, why wouldn’t you be?), professional air sealing and insulation can restore correct and healthy airflow through your home and help resolve moisture issues. 

Read How to fix a stuffy house or Why is my house so humid? to learn more!

DC thermostat rebates: District of Columbia Sustainable Energy Utility smart thermostat rebates

More good news: There’s a $50 rebate for smart thermostats through the DCSEU. 

However, it’s important to know this rebate can’t be combined with the Pepco Energy Wise Rewards thermostat rebate. 

Utility and efficiency programs love to incentivize programmable thermostats because they work. Tap here to learn more about how smart smart thermostats really are.

District of Columbia Sustainable Energy Utility appliance rebates

As a District resident, you have access to a refrigerator or clothes washer and dryer rebates for an ENERGY STAR certified appliance upgrade through DCSEU. 

energy efficiency

Check out our FREE home efficiency guide to learn how 3 core efficiency upgrades can make your home more comfortable year round.

Get the guide.

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DC energy rebates from Dominion Energy Virginia

As the largest electricity utility in Virginia, Dominion Energy is committed to providing energy-conserving home upgrades to residents of Washington, D.C. through various efficiency improvement rebates.

An important note here: Certain rebates require an audit and participating contractor. (But if you work with Sealed for your home upgrades, we’ll help you get this all figured out.)

Here’s a high-level list of rebates that Dominion Energy provides, but we’ll take a closer look at a couple more closely below:

  • Heat pumps
  • Heat pump water heaters
  • Smart thermostats
  • Air sealing
  • Crawl space insulation
  • Attic insulation
  • Duct insulation
  • Wall insulation
  • Dishwashers
  • Refrigerators
  • Freezers
  • Clothes washers and dryers
  • Dehumidifiers

You might be able to qualify for higher rebates based on your income through income-based eligibility requirements. 

Dominion Energy heat pump rebates

Looking for a heat pump? Washington, D.C. homeowners who are Dominion Energy customers could be eligible for home energy rebates when upgrading to air-source heat pumps and mini-split heat pumps

These rebates are provided through the Residential Home Retrofit Program and are determined by the efficiency of the upgraded system.

To be eligible, your home must currently use electric heating, and you need to complete an energy audit with a participating contractor. (Don’t worry, Sealed can help you coordinate all this if you get your upgrades with us!)

Sealed will connect you with certified contractors who can complete the work, manage your project all the way through, and apply eligible rebates as instant discounts on your project. 

Sealed will connect you with certified contractors, manage your install, and apply eligible rebates as instant discounts on your project. 

And if you choose to go with us for your project, you can have a heat pump installed by experts and utilize your Dominion Energy rebate without any upfront costs.

See if you qualify.

Dominion Energy water heater rebates

Dominion Energy also offers rebates for customers that install heat pump water heaters under the Residential Water Energy Savings Program

You must have electric heating and cooling with an air-source heat pump to be eligible, and rebates are based on the size of the water heater.

Take a look at the Ultimate guide to hybrid water heaters to get all the details on how and why heat pump water heaters have superior energy efficiency.

Hybrid heat pump water heaters can be up to 50% more efficient than natural gas water heaters.

Dominion Energy weatherization, insulation, and air sealing rebates

Incentives for air sealing, duct sealing, and insulation are available through the Residential Home Retrofit Program. The rebate amounts are dependent on the type of heating equipment you have and the extent of the work that is completed.

And for this rebate, you need to complete an energy audit with a certified contractor to be eligible. 

Cut up to 50% of your energy waste with Sealed home upgrades. And get your eligible rebates, too! Learn how.

Dominion Energy appliance rebates

As a Dominion customer, you could be eligible for an ENERGY STAR refrigerator, clothes washer, or clothes dryer rebate—and get incentives for properly recycling your old appliance, too. 

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DC solar incentives: Grants, rebates, and tax incentives

Before you make the big investment in solar panels (go you!) make sure your house is using energy as efficiently as possible by completing home weatherization and upgrading to an energy efficient heat pump. 

(If not, your house is just wasting energy in a new way.)

Solar panels on top of energy efficient home on a sunny day

If you’re exploring going solar in DC, a few financial incentives are available, including:

Tap here to read more about solar and efficiency.

Solar is greener and cleaner, but it cannot make your home’s energy consumption leaner.

At Sealed, we don’t install solar ourselves, but we can help make your home more energy efficient before you do.

And we work with some amazing DC solar partners to point you to the best solar install available. 

Get DC energy rebates and hassle-free upgrades with Sealed

Ready to take the next step toward a more comfortable, more efficient home?

You can get better efficiency and comfort all year round. 

And if your home doesn’t save energy? We’re on the hook.

Plus, at Sealed, we make big home improvements hassle-free.

We’ll negotiate with contractors, help you understand what rebates your project qualifies for, and manage the project from start to finish—with your approvals every step of the way.

All you need to do? See if your house qualifies. 

And then we’ll get the ball rolling on developing a custom plan for your home energy upgrades.

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April 13, 2023